The Fastest Way to Improve your English.

The Fastest Way to Improve your English

In our previous post, we discussed how long it takes to start speaking fluent English.

It depends on many factors and one of the most important factors is the time you spend on practice.

Lots of self practice combined with an English speaking class is the fastest way to improve your English.

English speaking classes and teachers will keep you on track. Complimenting your training with the following activities will guarantee instant results.

Read English Newspaper & Magazine:

Make it a daily routine to spend at least half an hour on going through an English newspaper or magazine. Not only it will improve your vocabulary, it will also improve your general knowledge. Besides, keeping an eye on what’s happening in the world of business or technology will help you take part in discussions. You will feel more informed and it will affect your confidence in a positive way.

Paper newspaper is better but you can also read the online versions if you don’t have access to printed versions.

Launch a Blog:

Keeping a journal or diary has many benefits and today, blogging has replaced the habit of diary writing. Unlike diaries and journals, a blog will be read by others so it will improve your communication skills. You will learn to express your thoughts. It will encourage you to do some research on the topic and explore new topics.

You can choose a topic of your liking, be it something about your profession, favorite sport, or any other topic like technology, gadgets, travel, etc. You can use a free platform like or Comment on other bloggers writing on similar topics. You will make some great connections and that will be a great boost to your confidence.

Once you gain some confidence, you can write to other blogs or websites that accept guest authors. If you are a student, you can write for your college or university website or forum.

Watch English Movies or Documentaries:

Get your hands on some good movies with subtitles and focus on the delivery of words. You will learn the pronunciation and body language through these movies. The good thing about movies and T.V shows is that you will learn the complete phrases that natives use.
You can also watch the documentaries or a series like TED talk to see how speakers are delivering some really good speeches in English.

Listen to English Radio Channels & Podcasts:

Listening to English radio channels can seriously improve your listening and speaking skills. It’s better to opt for a non-music channel like news and discussion channels, so that you can focus on the words and sentences.
You can also download podcasts on your favorite topic and listen to them while traveling. Every once in awhile, pause the podcast, and try to repeat what you have listened, in your head.
If you are into music, checkout the lyrics of your favorite songs and try to sing along as you listen.

Converse in English:

This one will take some confidence but you have got to break your shackles and start to converse in English. If you are too shy to practice with your friends or families, find some online friend or platform to speak. You can search for a Hangout of your interest.

If you don’t have a partner, just talk to yourself. When you are speaking, don’t try to think a lot of grammar, pronunciation, or accent. All these things will improve naturally with the passage of time. When practicing, just focus on the fluency.

Practice makes a man perfect:

Adding all those activities to your daily routine will mean that you will spend most of your time practicing and polishing your English. With all this practice, you will surely start to see improvements in a matter of months.


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