How to Crack IELTS Examination

IELTS is an examination that tests the English proficiency of non-native speakers. It is recognized in major English-speaking nations and institutions across the globe such New Zealand, UK and USA among others. The Visa and Immigration board of Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia have made it a mandatory requirement to crack IELTS in order to attain a Permanent Residence in their country.

IELTS scores can range from Band 1 (non-speaker) to Band 9 (highly proficient). In order to immigrate, you need to score at least Band 7. It is important to prepare for the IELTS exam in advance to fare well in the test. To do this, you got to be aware of the examination structure.

IELTS tests candidates on:
•  Listening Skills: 30 minutes
•  Reading Skills : 60 minutes
•  Writing Skills : 60 minutes
•  Speaking Skills: 11-14 minutes

The total test time is 2:45 minutes. We have listed a few IELTS preparation tips that can help you get through the examination:
•  Practice English on a daily basis to get more in tune with the language. If you know others who are attempting to write the IELTS exam, you can practice speaking English with them.
•  Watch English movies or TV shows from various countries whenever you get the time. It will help you distinguish between different accents and help you learn new words. You will soon be able to understand and differentiate between lingos. Soon you can inculcate them into your vocabulary as well.
•  Read English newspapers, books or magazines on a regular basis. It will help you improve your comprehension skills. Keep a dictionary with you at all times for reference and write down the new words that you learned, it will help you remember better.
•  Practice writing in English. You can start by writing small paragraphs and slowly increase your word limit. Try writing about different topics so that you learn about a wide range of subjects.
•  Focus on your grammar and make sure that you spell check your work each time. Ask a friend who is fluent in English to read your articles and give you feedback. We advise you to take up grammar classes, it would help you a great deal.
•  There are many free IELTS practice papers available online. Keep attempting them on a regular basis. This would make you well-versed with the paper. It is important to read and comprehend all the instructions on the question paper before attempting your answers.
•  Questions related to current affairs and world events are regularly asked during IELTS examinations. It is crucial that you keep yourself updated with the events of the world.
•  Work on your critical thinking skills. When you are unsure about the answer, logical thinking skills can help pull you through.
•  Stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking. Pick a topic that comes naturally to you. Stand upright but be comfortable and calm. Speak clearly, loudly and annunciate each word. Initially, you can start off by introducing yourself in the best way possible.
•  Remember that your IELTS written test is timed. Practice time management and try to complete writing a 150 word article in 20 minutes and a 250 word article in a maximum of 40 minutes. The more you write, the better and faster you become.
•  Prepare for the interview by answering questions clearly. Speak well and clearly and make sure that your body language is good and is in tune with what you’re trying to communicate.
•  You can practice and learn a lot more by enrolling yourself for IELTS coaching classes. Learning and practicing with other IELTS candidates is an interesting way to prepare for the examination. Check out Direct English for IELTS coaching.

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