Advantages of Soft Skills

In today’s world, hard skills are given importance because they take into consideration quantifiable technical know-how. They include important job oriented skills such as typing, reading, writing, software and hardware proficiency, and other tangible skills that can be measured. Though hard skills are very important to move one’s career ahead, it is not the sole decisive factor to get a job or a promotion. When hard skills are combined with soft skills, it is the perfect combination that gives people added advantages in their personal as well as professional life.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills or people skills determine the way people handle themselves during various situations in life. Soft skills are intangible skills which cannot be measured. They are positive social skills that are a combination of a person’s character, communication skills, intelligence, interpersonal skills, the attitude in life, personality, adaptability, and the basic ability to negotiate and deal with people in the most effective manner.

Good soft skills can take people a long way. It is easier for employees to be trained in a new hard skill than in a new soft skill. Teaching soft skills such as patience and manners are hard. Most soft skills vary according to situations. Business communication and personality development skills are a lot tougher than teaching a person how to use software or to type quickly. Soft skills take patience and time, but more importantly, the will power to learn and practice until it becomes a part of one’s character.

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You may have the best of technical skills to advance your career but if you do not have soft skills, it is nearly impossible to climb up the corporate ladder. In fact, soft skills may have greater ability to get a person ahead in life when compared to technical skills. Every employer takes into consideration the communication and personality skills of candidates during the interview. It is during this time that the candidate’s attitude, mannerisms, and behavior are observed. Even if a candidate gets through the interview, his or her soft skills would be tested and observed on a daily basis at work. This could play a huge role in earning a promotion.

A few things that are learned by developing soft skills:

While there are plenty of soft skills to be learned and used, these are some of the most important ones that can help advance a person’s career.

Adaptability: Having the ability to adapt to different situations, cultures, and people, no matter how culturally different they are is a huge bonus. It is all about being open-minded to new ideologies, mindsets, and cultures.

Negotiating Skills: The ability to discuss ideas, provide inputs and negotiate deals would help you secure better deals for yourself in life and help increase sales for your company. It is a win-win situation.

Time Management: Time management is a very important soft skill that helps you make the most out of your time in the most efficient manner.

Decision Making: The ability to analyze people and situations in order to make the right decisions. Decision making is the end result of another soft skill, which is reasoning and logical thinking.

Multitasking: The ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without getting distracted. It is also important to be able to minimize errors while multitasking in order to increase efficiency.

Body Language: A person’s body language and behavior can tell much more about someone than their words. The ability to read and understand people’s body language is a very important skill that can help decision making. However, the ability to be aware of one’s own body language is equally important.

Communication: Being able to effectively understand and communicate one’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs whether it is verbal or non-verbal are very important. Transcending communication barriers is the first step to effectively understand other perspectives and build better relationships.

Highlighting soft skills in one’s resume is a great way to gain an added advantage.

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